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The Truth about Google+

I just saw this post from Social Media Today discussing the truth about Google +. It pretty much validates a lot of what I had been thinking already. Here are a few highlights

  1. Growth- growth numbers are skewed for Google+ because they tap into their google users an qualify them as Google+ users (me included). I have gone on the network a handful of times, but besides the Hangout feature, I don’t see it as a valuable use of my time.
  2. Teens aren’t leaving Facebook- I just had this discussion with my husband about a friend’s daughter that is a college freshman. She said she doesn’t really use Facebook and lots of her friends don’t. But she still has an account. 94% of teens said they used the platform at the end of 2012. When you already have almost complete domination of the market, it’s hard to show the growth that Vine and Snapchat are showing. 
  3. Frequency of use- the average length of time spent on Google plus in one month just a little over 6 minutes. The average for Facebook is 6 hours. Business wise, it makes sense to put your eggs in the facebook basket.

I still think that Google+ has lots of potential and will likely be an industry player in the next 3 years or so. Facebook does continue to evolve and grow with the users, so it will largely depend on what Facebook does with their network. At the end of the day, you still have to engage your customers where your customers are to be found. In my area of business, this primarily focuses on Facebook, Twitter, and will adopt Pinterest this coming month (though I have been a personal user for a long time).

Is there a platform you’ve adopted that wasn’t worth the hype? Or that tremendously grew your business? 


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Did that guy just flip me off?

I had quite an experience this morning. On my way to work, there was a car in front of me that had several ‘Sheriff’s Association’ stickers and a big plate attached to his real plate that made anyone from here to Mars realize he gives to the Sheriff’s Association. I always wonder if this really gets people out of speeding tickets.

Well that wasn’t really the problem this morning. It was a 45 mph zone and this guy was going 35. I naturally switched lanes without honking or anything and suddenly the guy gives me the one finger salute. I pulled up next to him and gave him a look like ‘What was that for?” and he just kept looking at me as if he had done nothing wrong. Then to top it off, I see a large magnet stuck to his driver’s side door announcing he was a driver for ‘DS Shuttle Service’. Unbelievable.

When you hire people to be part of your organization, these people are your representatives, your face in the community. Likewise, with the growth of social media, this is more important than ever. Now, I’m not saying you need to police every single thing your employees do online. But a simple social media policy that asks them not to discuss politics, race, religion etc. is appropriate, especially if they’ve plugged your name into that employer box. Think of your employees logging on every day to talk to reporters. That’s how social media affects opinions. Never forget people buy from people and when they don’t like those people, the damage is sometimes irreparable. Your social media policy can be short and to the point, and will help cover you when an employee has clearly stepped out of line in saying something negative and you wish to take action. Otherwise, you don’t have a chance.

Now, I’m on to find more about this company and be sure this guy’s employer knows what terrible

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